First Gaming Post

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Basic Information

     The upcoming Ubisoft open world game Ghost Recon Wildlands is what many people are buzzing about. Personally, I have preordered the game and can’t wait for it’s release. The game takes place as many may know, in Bolivia. This South American country has been overrun by a massive Mexican cartel called Santa Blanca. The player’s job is to play solo or work with friends as a private military group called Ghost Recon, hense the title. This private military group don’t work for money but work for the sake of working. 

My Meaningless Opinion

    Now that we have got through the basic information I can give my opinion on the game as a whole. From the trailers as well as closed beta streamed at I can conclude that the map is going to be amazing. The variety of scenery looks fantastic and  the detail that went into the graphics is pleasing. However, with most games that have massive maps have stupid or little npc’s. This is the issue with Wildlands. The actual fighting and occasional story conversation is great but the free roaming seems to have no proper feel to it. Most areas that should have a lot of people, don’t. Most npc’s say the same thing as others in a different city.  One last thing to mention is how fantastic the vehicles look. The mechanics seem smooth and immersive. But then again, things change. These opinions are mostly based on only viewing footage and not actually playing.

Closing Statements

The open beta releases the 21st of February and closes the following Monday. My opinion on the game will most definitely change when I actually get to get my hands on a controller and play. This blog post is pretty shit and so are my opinions but this is the internet. I hope reading this blog doesn’t drive you to suicide and you take interest in a game full of potential. This is losergamer signing off. P.S. I don’t care if this blog is organized so you can go away and find something better to do.


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